Posted by: bluesyemre | August 19, 2022

Open Source Research Methods for the Social Sciences (osRMss) is now publicly available

Welcome! This website has all the materials I use for teaching research methods within the Psychology major at Pitt. I’m making these materials public, and calling this project Open Source Research Methods for the Social Sciences (osRMss). I hope that you find the content useful. I look forward to getting feedback and suggestions and to continually improve osRMss over time.

Key Pages

  • List of All Content: a matrix of all the materials in a summary so that you can quickly get a sense of what content exists for each day and the progression of topics across the semester. Click on numbers for each day for all the materials for each day
  • Statistics Activities: details about the optional statistics activities
  • Grading Policy

Questions, Concerns, and Suggestions

Please contact me – I want to hear from you! Email me, Ben Rottman, at Check out my websiteLinks to an external site. to learn more about me and my lab at the University of Pittsburgh.

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