Posted by: bluesyemre | August 23, 2022

20 awesome websites @pechacek_amy

1. http://Axiom.Ai No code automation On this site, there are bots to automate basically anything on the internet.

2. My 90’s TV! TV simulator showing shows, music videos, ads, and trailers from the 1990’s.

3. Jot Form This site has over 10,00 free online form templates for whatever you want.

4. Drive & Listen Listen to local radio stations while virtually driving through cities around the world.

5. Open Source This site has free alternatives to mainstream saas products.

6. The Colors of Motion It shows the color palette of your favorite movies.

7. Tiny Wow This site has free tools for pretty much anything you need to do online.

8. City Walks Walking tour of cities around the world. Is very enjoyable to have on in the background.

9. WolframAlpha Uses AI to answer complex questions in math, science, and life.

10. McBroken This is not a joke. This website tracks which McDonald’s ice cream machines are broken worldwide.

11. WindowSwap Views from different windows all across the world. Pretty cool if you ask me.

12. Scale of the Universe 2 This will allow you to explore the size and scale of things in the universe.

13. What does the internet think A very cool and scary tool… You can find out the percentage of positive, negative, and indifferent connotations to any topic spoken about online.

14. Photopea Simple free editing platform.

15. Caffeine Informer Where are my coffee lovers?? Discover the caffeine amounts for over 4,000 items..

16. Open Peeps Hand-drawn illustration library for free use.

17. Does the dog die? This site warns you of distressing scenes in films, games, shows, books etc.

18. Mount Everest 3D This is just really cool. It’s an interactive 3D map of Mount Everest.

19. Live Internet Stats Also cool and scary. It has real-time statistics on the internet and social media usage.

20. InnerBody This site offers an interactive guide to human anatomy. It’s an easy way to study the human body’s various systems and segments, perhaps to teach students in school.

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