Posted by: bluesyemre | August 24, 2022

Tasmania Documentary (4K Wildlife Australia Landscapes and Nature)

Separated from Australia’s mainland 12,000 years ago, Tasmania is unlike any part of Australia. This documentary explores the natural beauty of Tasmania’s rugged wilderness and the animal inhabitants that live there. Narrated by Steve Chambers and presented in stunning 4K this documentary explores many of Tasmania’s stunning landscapes and natural inhabitants including shorebirds, Pied Oyster Catchers, Silver Gulls, Humpback Whales, Australian Fur Seals, Padamelons, Wombats, Bennet’s Wallaby, Tallus Grasshoppers, Northern Snow Skinks, Cape Barren Goose and Bruny Island’s famous White Wallaby. Also featured are the Mountain Ash, the Fagus Tree, Tasmanian Pencil Pines, and a variety of Tasmania’s native Fungi.

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