Posted by: bluesyemre | September 8, 2022

10 Free websites that feel illegal to use

1. Convertio: Convert files to any format you want for free. Here

2. http://Microcopy.Me: Find persuasive headlines and slogans. (Perfect for writing threads) Here

3. Remove the background from your image and add in any background you like. Here

4. Pexels: Download high-quality stock images for FREE. Here

5. Otter AI: Otter automatically records and transcribes your meetings. Here

6. Quillbot: Quillbot rewrites everything as plagiarism-free text. Here

7. Loom: Record your screen and yourself at the same time. Like zoom but better. Here

8. Jenni AI: An AI auto-writing tool that automatically writes for you. Here

9. Temp-mail: Temp-mail gives you a temporary email and inbox because who wants to give out their actual email address? Here

10. TinyWOW: Offers PDF, video, image, and other online tools to make your life easier. Here

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