Posted by: bluesyemre | October 6, 2022

How Academic Librarians Are Working with Faculty to Source Affordable Textbooks for Students

In this webinar, we present a new group of case studies that address how academic librarians at four different universities are actively collaborating with faculty on affordable textbook alternatives that greatly reduce costs for their students. Our panelists will demonstrate the importance of relationship-building when advocating for open source resources to assuage faculty’s unease surrounding the transition to digital course materials. They will discuss how curriculum design with Open Educational Resources (OER)—while often more time-consuming—has proven benefits with hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in savings. Above all, they will illustrate how textbook affordability can be a barrier to student success and how student surveys and purchasing behaviors have informed them about the future of textbook adoptions. 

University of Central Florida – Lily Dubach and John Raible

Download Lily and John’s slides

CSU Dominguez Hills – Hallie Clawson

Download Hallie’s slides

Midland University – Laura Hinman

Download Laura’s slides

Marshall University – Angie Strait

Download Angie’s slides

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