Posted by: bluesyemre | October 13, 2022

11 Google Docs tips that’ll save you 100s of hours of your life @TessaRDavis

1: Start a new doc

2: See old changes

3: Create custom styles

4: Use substitutions

5: Change caps

6: Send preview

7: Share with shortcuts

8: Embed in emails

9: Use Smart chips

10: Add footnotes

11: Insert vids

#1: Create a new document from your browser. In your Chrome browser and want to start a new Google Doc? No need to navigate to your Google Drive and create a new doc from scratch. Just type into the search box. And a new Google Doc will open. Simple.

#2: Find your previous changes. Made some changes a while ago but can’t remember what they were? See your old versions: • Go to File • Choose ‘version history’ • See your previous versions You can even rename old versions to keep track.

#3: Create custom styles. Instead of changing your text every time, save the styles you like. • Select text in the Heading style you want • Open the text options dropdown • Choose Heading 1 • Click ‘Update Heading 1 to match’ Now that’s saved as your Heading 1 style.

#4: Use text substitutions. Have a phrase you use often? Create a shortcut for it: • Go to Tools • Click Preferences • Go to the Substitutions tab • Put in the original text • Add your replacement text Now when you enter that word it’ll paste the whole phrase.

#5: Change capitalization quickly. Written everything in caps by accident? Correct it easily: • Select the text • Click Format>Text>Capitalization • Then choose the capitalization you need No need to go through each word and manually retype.

#6: Send a preview. Want to share the doc without others seeing who it is? • change the url from /edit to /preview They can’t copy, share, or make changes. And nobody will see who was looking at it.

#7: Use shortcuts to share with specific access. In your doc url, change /edit at the end to: • /copy – they will be able to make a copy of the doc • /export?format=pdf – they will automatically download a pdf Simple way to share without it affecting your original document.

#8: Embed your document in an email. Prefer to send your doc in an email rather than attaching or sharing? You can: • Go to File>Email • Email collaborators or specific people • Check the box ‘Don’t attach, include content’ It’ll embed the doc in the email itself.

#9: Integrate tags with Smart chips. Tag people, files, dates and events within your document. Just type @ in your document and you’ll see the dropdown: • Other documents • Calendar events • Checklists • Media These automatically update as you update the item elsewhere.

#10: Add footnotes + images. Want to add images or reference articles ? Use the mystery Explore button: • Click Explore • Search + insert images or sites • Click on the 3 dots + choose the citation format Now you can add footnotes, links, + images without leaving the doc.

#11: Insert video in Google Doc. Want to embed a video into your Google Docs? Do this: • Open a Google Slide • Paste the url into a slide • Copy the slide • In the Doc, choose Insert>Drawing>New • Paste the video Now it can be clicked and viewed.

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