Posted by: bluesyemre | October 18, 2022

A Personal Story Untold #LesBenjamins

In my early years living in Germany, I always hid my identity and that I am of Turkish roots. Society is stuck on stereotypes, which have affected my childhood and hurt me. Over the years, I stopped this repetitive narrative and decided to celebrate my identity by designing collections that are inspired by Eastern stories and building an aware community that celebrates inclusion. Growing up in Neuss, Germany, I always remember spending time with my grandfather talking and playing games. He was my childhood hero. His sacrifice from Erzurum to Lunen Dortmund in 1965 as a guestworker, leaving his home, wife, and child behind in Erzurum, made me who I am today. It took him 4 years to bring his wife and daughter to Germany. This story by itself is true inspiration and motivation that kept me going. My Turkish-German identity fuel my creativity, and I’m proud of my Turkish roots that define who I am today. This upcoming Fall / Winter 22 collection reminds us all and pays homage to all our Almanci grandmothers and grandfathers’. Their memories are forever.  The film is based on a true story of my grandparents and has been shot in Erzurum, Istanbul, and Berlin. Their sacrifice in the past is my strength today. Don’t hide your identity, be yourself.


Starring: Ahmet Rifat Şungar
Director: Melih Kun
Music: VEYasin
Head of Womenswear: Lamia Alotaishan Aydın Dop: Ömer Berkli
DOP : Ömer Berkli
1st Ad: Velican Angın
Camera Crew: Tayfun Özkurt
Edit: İpek Kadri – POSTBROTHERS
Color: Emre Karagöz – POSTBROTHERS
VFX: Olcay Kaya
Production Design: LB Studio
Producer: Ceren Sönmez
Graphic Design: Alp Eren Tekin
Assistant Stylist: Nara Aghayeva
Prod. Assistant: Melis Çağlayan
Set Designer: İrem Ekşi
Art Crew: Zuhal Yiğit, Batuhan Sırtlan
Styling Coordination: Umut Sımsıkı
Styling Assistant : Tuğba Erenbay
Hair & MUA Design: Meryem Perilhou
Gaffer: Mustafa YAĞIZ
Grip: Set Gripim
Co-starring: Eda Burcu Şenel, Aliyah Çiftçi, İsmet Köroğlu, Kuzey İnanç Akgün, Rıdvan Paluli, Sevim Camadan, Ziya Kino
** GER.
Production: Avec Nous GmbH
Styling: Neslihan Degerli & Enlil Isik
Make Up: Chrissie Moissl
DOP: Yiğit Karaca
Light Operator: Birk Alisch
Co-starring: Yaşar Zaybak, Ahmet Değerli

Special Thanks to DiasporaTürk

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