Posted by: bluesyemre | November 3, 2022

National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

The National Bureau of Economic Research is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 51 members from leading North American research universities, economics professional organizations, and the business and labor communities. The board chair, vice-chair, and past-chair are John Lipsky, Peter Blair Henry, and Karen Horn, respectively. Board member James Poterba is the president and chief executive officer.  Robert Mednick is the treasurer. 

The Board of Directors exercises all of the powers of the Corporation and is responsible for establishing its policies and supervising the direction and management of its affairs. The Board approves the appointment of all research associates, reviews the budget and financial management of the organization, and elects board members and officers. It also approves all NBER books for publication. The Board reviews and approves NBER policies on matters such as conflict of interest disclosures, privacy protections, and discrimination prevention. The board holds two meetings each year.

Directors of the Corporation are divided into three classes: (a) Directors at large, (b) Directors by appointment of universities, (c) Directors by appointment of other organizations. The set of universities and other organizations represented on the Board is amended periodically. At large directors are recruited by a committee consisting of the Board Chair, Vice-Chair, Past Chair, Treasurer, and the President. Directors are not compensated and are subject to the NBER Conflict of Interest Disclosure Policy and the NBER Code of Conduct.

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