Posted by: bluesyemre | November 9, 2022

Making your #teaching more accessible (Webinar video)

When many students opt not to disclose their additional needs, how can you ensure your teaching is accessible to all?

This free on-demand webinar features two Routledge leading authors in the field of accessibility in education, Dr. Joanna Cannon and Katherine C. Aquino, and is hosted by Taylor & Francis’ Accessibility Manager, Stacy Scott.
Discover our experts’ answers to the following questions:

  • What is alt text, why is it so important for accessibility, and how can teachers and course leaders incorporate it into their learning resources?
  • How else can lecturers and course leaders make their teaching practice and resources more accessible for students?
  • What are the potential barriers to making your teaching more accessible, and how can course leaders overcome them?

We hope you enjoy the webinar, and that our panel of experts provide you with the practical tips you need to ensure your teaching caters to students of all kinds.

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