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Library Ranking Europe (Mystery shopping in libraries – Ranking of European public libraries from a customer perspective)

Maija Berndtson and Mats Öström, are two experienced library directors from two Nordic countries, Finland and Sweden, seniors after four decades in the library business.

LRE visits, observes and ranks European public libraries from a customer perspective. The method is mystery shopping. The goal is to obtain a higher quality in services.

Ranking System

  • Exceptional          
  • Excellent          
  • Very good          
  • Good          
  • Acceptable          
  • Poor          


Our Basic Values, please see Articles!

We rank public libraries according to following criteria and their weights in calculating the overall score

Information about the library (6%)

  • In guidebooks for tourists
  • In city maps
  • On the internet, including the library´s own website and any social media representation

Location, visibility and Access (25%)

  • Architecturally interesting building
  • Location in the city/town
  • Public transport
  • Facilities for pedestrians and bikers
  • Car parking
  • Entrance – accessibility
  • Signposts to the library in the city
  • Signs on the building
  • Opening hours
  • Accessibility for the disabled
  • Signs in the building

Service and supply (44%)

  • Access for all – locals and guests
  • Charge/no charge for services
  • Scope of collection including different forms of media
  • Exposure of collection
  • Collection of newspapers and periodicals
  • Exhibitions, stage
  • Café / restaurant
  • Lavatories
  • Dedicated spaces: meeting, learning, lab, etc.
  • Identifiable staff
  • Service from the staff
  • Information and communication technology
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Immigrants
  • Special services: SMEs, consumers, tourists, etc.
  • Programs, events, lectures

Facilities (13%)

  • Aesthetics
  • Lighting
  • Seating
  • Quiet areas
  • Social areas
  • Area for children and youth

Collection content (6%)

  • Versatility/variety according to the content

Freedom of expression and of choice (6%)

  • Controversial titles and authors

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