Posted by: bluesyemre | December 13, 2022

12 role typologies

The Resource
The resource provides a set of tools or digital utility that many people can access.

Examples: CourseraIfixitWikimedia Foundation

The Utility
The utility provides infrastructure for basic services like water, energy, nutrients, feed, connectivity, or resource cycling more broadly.

Examples: WeconnexBiopolusLinux Foundation

The Teacher
Unlike the resource, which is passively available, the teacher involves pro-actively training and knowledge sharing.

Examples: Girls Who CodeThe Natural StepCenter for Artistic Activism

The Connector
The connector provides a method for connecting two or more types of actors who weren’t properly connected before.

Example: Matcha PreplyRuumi

The Exemplifier
The exemplifier inspires other actors through a working and compelling demonstration.

Examples: CommonlandBuurtzorgFairphone

The Activist
The activist works to enact new legislation, shift human behavior, raise awareness, or more generally put pressure on key stakeholders.

Examples: Client EarthExtinction RebellionTectonica

The Innovator
The innovator is primarily focused on the creation of new IP or recombining existing IP, whether for their own product/services or for others.

Examples: SRI InternationalPrecious PlasticNew Story

The Scaler
The scaler focuses on creating economies of scale from existing product, service, or technology innovation.

Examples: SunPowerDesolenatorSustainer

The Investor
The investor provides capital to assist the perpetuation of an activity, the growth of certain organizations, or an existence of an asset.

Examples: PurposeFollow ThisLandscape Finance Lab

The Researcher
The researcher unearths key insights that can be used in innovation and implementation.

Examples: Stockholm Resilience CentreCroatan InstituteDRIFT

The Integrator
The integrator brings together existing technology and/or multiple models to provide new holistic value.

Examples: Medic.orgMad AgricultureBuildUpNepal

The Monitor
The monitor provides accountability of current power structures and validates claims.

Examples: Open SecretsTransnational Institute, Global Investigative Journalism Network

Other Roles

Some additional roles we didn’t include (but you might consider):

  • Amplifier
  • Convener
  • Caregiver

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