Posted by: bluesyemre | December 27, 2022

66 Most Useful Websites Everyone Should Know!

These are the most useful websites ever presented… Over the years we’ve shown hundreds of websites that we think could be useful to people in their lives. Recently, a viewer of our channel offered an excellent suggestion that we do a video of all those we’ve mentioned in the past that we’d still recommend using today. So, in this video, I’ll show you more than 50 websites in alphabetical order that we think are the most useful.

0:00 Intro 0:31 Alternatives to Popular Software 0:56 Online Photo Editor 1:35 Security News -Virus Removal Guides 2:01 Social Learning Community for Students 2:39 Listen to Public Safety Scanners 3:27 Amazon Price Tracker 4:07 Game System Requirement Checker 5:25 Free Transparent Images 5:52 Learn to Code 6:11 Improve Coding Skill 7:20 Math Problem Solver 8:11 Graphic Design Site 8:58 Check If Website is Down 9:38 Learn a New Language 10:27 Automatic Meal Planner 10:55 Search Engine That Plants Trees 11:11 Internet Speed Test 11:32 Learn to Code 11:59 Computer Science Portal for Geeks 12:33 Hyperlink Identifier 13:14 Free Collection of Fonts 13:56 Fresh Hacks Every Day 14:24 Security Training 14:58 Date Breach Informer 15:26 Learn Something New Every Day 16:13 Game Lengths 16:50 Learn How Everything Works 17:10 DIY Electronics Repair Guides 17:49 Online PDF Tools 18:27 Do-It-Yourself Projects 18:47 Game Deals Service 19:16 Video Streaming Guide 19:55 Amazon Price Tracker 20:40 Free Online Courses 21:07 Math Solver 21:48 Learn Another Language 22:16 Windows Software Package Manager 23:00 Background Noise Generator 23:42 File Converter 24:31 Free Cultural & Education Media 25:00 Free eBooks 25:15 PC Builder Comparison Site 26:15 PDF Files Search Engine 26:53 Online Image Editor 28:00 Free Stock Photos 28:18 Image Editing Tools 28:41 Makes Websites Print Friendly 29:20 Send Notes That Self-Destruct 29:45 Free Online eBooks 30:09 Road Trip Planner 31:10 Free Programming Language & Community 31:42 Free PDF Conversion Tool 32:51 Airline Seat Maps & Reviews 33:43 Learn the Basics of Programming 34:07 Make Music Online 35:52 Recipe Search Engine 36:27 Temporary Email Address 37:01 Compress Images 37:50 Terms of Service; Didn’t Read 38:51 Improve Your Typing Skills 39:37 Dictionary for Slang Words & Phrases 40:06 Files/Website Security Checker 40:40 Book Recommendation Service 41:06 Gaming Monitor Forum 41:45 Computational Knowledge Search Engine 42:17 Video Sharing Service 42:38 Recap – All Websites Mentioned

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